WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

15.03.2016 — 24.04.2016

Beauty shop

Project author:

Elena Martynenko

START's artist

March 15 at the project START opens the exhibition "Beauty shop" young artist Elena Martynenko.If the artist plays with the viewer, inviting space in-hornblende. Gallery opens doors into a makeshift “beauty shop", perfect beauty boutique, exhibits which are exhibited by all the laws of merchandising, and force to pay attention of the buyer on a particular product. Is there common ground in the world of artistic creation and the world of mass consumption, the author offers everyone to make their own choices.

Giant nails the canvas that embodies the aggressive sexuality, glossy puddles of spilled paint on the floor, in which just about savyasachi or drown — the exhibition space is Elena Martynenko reminiscent of fantastic beauty, attributes which mark the territory of the beauty industry glitter and a dangerous attraction. Under the magnifying glass of the artist's world of art and hospitality are incredibly close to each other, showing a single creation of beauty. The artist, like a manicurist, picks up a nail Polish and works with him as the painter of paint.

Kirill Preobrazhensky

Curator of the project from November 2015 to present

the Pursuit of aestheticization of the product obtained by the buyer as a result of the process of consumption is an important feature of today's “world of consumerism". Visitors to the exhibition, the audience or buyers, if you do not wish to obtain for their personal use, at least, to see the object that embodies the concept of “beauty”. Category “beautiful”, has art galleries and taboo in the discourse about contemporary art, emphasized in the title: in the beauty salon, the consumer gets what he considers to be beautiful, but in fact the taste imposed by the seller – in this case, living, played by the artist. “Client”, but in our case – the viewer should be satisfied.

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