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At the site of the START there will be an open discussion: "MANICURED NOISE: PARTIAL OBJECT of BEAUTY"

At the site of the START there will be an open discussion "MANICURED NOISE: PARTIAL OBJECT of BEAUTY"

April 13, in the framework of the second exhibition Start of season 2015/2016 - "beauty shop" Elena Martynenko - the panelists will try to find the answer to the question: is beauty a category of aesthetics?

«someone who talks about beauty, it is difficult to avoid references to Raphael and Leonardo, is believed by Umberto Eco. - We in a sense have a standard idea of beauty. For example, the beauty of classic proportions imply, although they have never been attributed absolute significance".

It seems, at all times fashion was in a hurry to answer the question: what is beauty? When a woman comes into the beauty shop, she knows exactly how to shape eyebrows, what colour lips and nails make her pretty. But it is relevant to everyday life. To agree on what is objectively beautiful, much more difficult than to identify the deformity. Beauty is uncertain, cannot articulate its components, often is naively intuitive idea of beautiful – equal to high.

Such judgments are wrong, the beauty cannot be limited to high style and balance, it is in tension.Man has long been in thrall to archaic fears of the forces of nature. Wonderful image and art based on it, occurs in the process of identification and alienation tabooyoung culture ugly, due to the liberation of man from the shackles of mythical horror. Thus is born beautiful from ugly, and not Vice versa. Beauty is not the starting point of the evolution of the image, and the permanent process of negation, that once inspired fear.

The category of beauty as a cultural code in the discussion "MANICURED NOISE: PARTIAL OBJECT of BEAUTY" will discuss:

- Kirill Preobrazhensky - curator of the project start of the season 2015/2016, the artist, the teacher of the Moscow school of photography and multimedia. Alexander Rodchenko and the British higher school of art and design;

Elena Martynenko - the artist project LAUNCH, a graduate of the Free workshops and IPSI;

- Anatoly Osmolovsky — artist, curator, rector of the Institute of contemporary art BASE;

Stas Shuripa - philosopher, artist, curator, teacher ipsilateral;

Maria Dudko is an artist, curator and organizer of the Moscow experimental school of gender studies, organizer of the independent exhibition space of Red Square;

Moderator: Boris Klyushnikov - art historian, curator, lecturer at the Institute of contemporary art BASE, member ed. Board "Art journal", author of numerous texts and articles on contemporary art.

Gathering of guests: 18:30
Start debate: 19.00

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