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OPEN CALL "The Phantom of the Post-Soviet space"

We invite artists to take part in an open-call exhibition on the theme "The Phantom of the Post-Soviet space", which will be held in HSE ART GALLERY in March 2021.
The competition is open to both students of the HSE School of Design and independent authors.
Applications will be accepted until November 22, 2020.
We live in a time when all the utopian projects of the future are in the past. The twentieth century taught us to anticipate the future, in the domestic context - the "bright future". Our time does not offer new projects of the future, as if the very possibility to imagine a variant of the future radically different from the present has disappeared.
In this situation, artists turn to the past as a source of alternative, phantom, non-accidental options for the future. The driving forces and methods of this retrospective view are memory, time dissection and nostalgia. It is these tools that we offer to use the artists who want to join this project.
In order to participate in the exhibition, it is necessary to present:
Resume of the applicant in the form of a presentation or a link to the portfolio online with a list of implemented projects, photos of works, implemented projects;
Project concept (description);
Sketch, illustrations, layouts, drawings or photos and other images of the implemented project;
Both already implemented projects and concepts of the works planned for implementation are accepted for participation in the exhibition;
Work formats: spatial objects, sculptures, installations, video, sound art, performance, painting, graphics, photographs, etc;
Application selection criteria: relevance of the project, correspondence to the declared theme.
Project curators: academic director of the "Design" program at the School of Design of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Alexandra Kuznetsova and artist, curator, IV year student at the School of Design of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, profile "Design and Contemporary Art" Sofia Afanasieva.
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