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Open call for photographers

Until December 1, 2020.

Memorial Maria Luisa informs photographers and filmmakers, both amateurs and professionals, about the opening of the thirty-first annual contest.

We are starting a new decade, and we are doing so with the same original goal in mind. We want to try to find new, thought-provoking images that will allow us to continue to promote the artwork of the contestants. At the same time, we want to draw public attention to the natural environment and the need to protect it.

Mountains, nature, wild life, climbing, underwater life, flora, extreme sports, etc. - here are some of the topics presented in the competition, both in the photo and video sections, films and documentary materials. Also this year, a new thematic category dedicated exclusively to black and white photography was created.

From year to year, photographers from all over the world take part in this competition, and today it is already the representatives of more than 100 countries!

Over time, this contest has become a meeting place not only for world-famous photographers, but also for masters whose talents are not yet fully revealed.

Following the rules below, anyone can easily submit their photos and / or videos for participation in the contest, in which there is no commercial interest.

Here, each participant and his or her work are the main actors. And as always, we wish you good luck and a good shooting in the new year and the new decade!

All photographers and cinematographers, both professional and amateur, can participate.

All participants can submit one photo for free. For a larger number of photos and videos from authors over 19 years old, the fee for this issue will be 22 euros (including VAT).

This is a one-time payment, which will allow participation in all categories, including video and film.

For photographers under 19 years of age, participation is free.

Categories .

A. - Mountain scenery: pictures showing the mountains in any form.

B. - Mountaineering: photographs showing mountain climbing, alpine skiing, and the world of altitude with the athlete's eye. Also any sports connected with the mountains in the winter period may be included here.

C. - Climbing: photos related to rock climbing, bouldering, climbing, city climbing, climbing walls, and vertical world.

D. - Extreme Sports: The purpose of this thematic category is to showcase all kinds of extreme sports that are related to mountainous terrain and do not belong to categories B and C, such as kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding, canyoning, diving, speleology, surfing, and others.

E.- Man and mountains/ nature: photos reflecting the socio-cultural aspect of the life of mountain peoples, their traditions, customs, life forms. Photos reflecting hiking and mountain tourism may also be attributed to this category.

F. - Animal world: any representatives of the animal world photographed in their natural habitat.

G. - Bird world: any birds in their natural habitat.

H.- Plant world: any plant against the background of the environment. The mushrooms also belong to this category.

I. - Underwater world: Photographs depicting flora, fauna, and ecosystems specific to underwater areas fall into this category.

J. - Biodiversity: photos in this category represent animals and plants in natural habitats. The judges will pay special attention to the relationship between the individual and the environment, as well as the overall composition.

K. - Natural landscapes: any landscapes not included in category A.

L. - Creative photography: pictures in which forms, textures, colors play a decisive role. Abstract and creative photography.

M. - Macro photography: a world of the smallest.

Theme of the year: black and white photography. Materials presented must relate to mountains, nature and/or adventure, as well as sports and other activities in the environment. The materials presented must be in black and white or tones close to them.

O. - Films, videos and documentaries: The presented materials shall be related to mountains, nature and/or adventures, as well as sports and other activities in the given environment.

Regardless of the technique used, all photographs should be presented in the form of digital archives in JPEG format, preferably in the Adobe RGB 1998 digital profile; 1920 pixels on the long side, maximum volume 2 mb (72ppp). Frames and signatures are not permitted.

Each participant has the right to upload 5 photos in each category.

Videos, films and documentaries: as in other categories, works should be presented only as digital files, preferably in H.264 code.

Presentation of works

There are two ways to send a photo and/or video for participation in the contest. You can use any of them, but not both at the same time. The first (preferred) way is to go to and follow the proposed instructions.

The second way is to send your photos by regular mail, burning them on CD and DVD or other media, and attach a document with the full name and your coordinates: address, phone number, email, and a numbered list of photos with the category to which you belong.

To send a video work, participants must also complete a registration form at, indicating in the appropriate field the option used to send the files. This can be Wetransfer, Dopbox, Vimeo, or any other platform that is suitable for uploading and sending bulk files. The recipient's address is

Video work can be sent through the platform You can also send files in physical format (DVD, USB, CompactFlash cards, SD, hard drive, etc.).

Mailing address is given below.

If you send photos by regular mail, please specify the following address: "Memorial María Luisa" / Concurso de Fotografía y Video de Montaña y Naturaleza / Apartado de Correos 19 / 33530 Infiesto (Principado de Asturias) - Spain.

The organizers will inform participants about the receipt of the materials by e-mail.


The judging team consists of the founders of the competition "Memorial Maria Luisa", famous nature photographers. The decision of the judging team is final. All submitted works considered by the judges are anonymous and have only a code number assigned by the computer automatically at the moment of entering the system. The winners of the competition will be announced on March 3, 2021 through the media and all participants will be notified immediately.

The prizes are:

The main winner of the XXXI Memorial María Luisa will be awarded a prize of 3000 euros*, a trophy, a diploma, a portfolio and two invitations to the awards. The main winner will be chosen among 14 winners in each category. The main prize of 3000 Euros already includes a prize for the winning category.

* This amount will be taxed accordingly.

Prize in each category: 300 Euros, trophy and diploma, portfolio and two invitations to the prize giving ceremony.

Prize for Young Photographers: Participants who are the winners and have not reached the age of 19 years by December 1, 2020, will be awarded a Samsung Tablet 4G, a trophy, a diploma, a portfolio and two invitations to the prize giving ceremony.

The winner will receive a special prize under the heading "Theme of the Year": a Citizen BN008 watch, a trophy, a diploma, a portfolio and two invitations to the prize giving ceremony.

Prize for the best film, video or documentary in the competition 31 MML-Photo: a voucher worth 3000 euros, which can be exchanged at the choice of the winner for products offered by Foto Ruano. A trophy, a diploma, a portfolio book and two invitations to the prize-giving ceremony will also be presented.

The judging team reserves the right to award additional certificates of appreciation in each subject category.

Presentation of awards

On May 7 and 8, 2021 there will be a ceremony of awarding the winners. The place and time of the ceremony will be announced later. The organizers of the event will provide free accommodation for the main winner and his companion.

Additional information

Changes in the original frame or in a part of the photo that distort the reality being photographed are not permitted. In case of any doubts, the judges of the participants may be asked to give some explanations about the works. The Technical Committee has the right not to take part in photos that do not meet the above criteria. Also participants should provide primary files. In case of their absence, the photo will be disqualified.

The organizers reserve the right to make a copy of all photos submitted for the Award with the purpose of their further use for expositions, projects or publications related exclusively to the work of this Competition without time or geographical restrictions, always indicating authorship.

The films admitted to the competition will be part of the archive created by the organizing committee and may be reproduced in whole or in part for study and promotion. In other situations, the author's permission to reproduce materials is initially required.