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Open call for artists to participate exhibition in London

Invitation to participate in the exhibition "NEW WAVE" in London. Deadline: 18 September 2020.

As everything in the world becomes interconnected, trends, especially in the art world, change every year. With this open call and the final exhibition, the organizers aim to find out what the "NEW WAVE" ("New Wave") is nowadays. How do artists adapt to these changes and how does this affect their work? 

There are no special requirements for applications, but a few recommendations. Please read them carefully. To apply for the exhibition, please write to 

The letter should contain images of your three works and a short biography in English (up to 150 words). Since this is not the only open call gallery, specify the name "NEW WAVE" in the letter. 

Name the files according to the scheme: Title_ Size_ Medium_ Price / Name_Size_Material_Price. 
Make sure you present high quality photos of your work, the light is good and if possible try to shoot on a white background. This may make a difference in the selection. 
Accepted: painting, sculpture, photo art, digital art, installations, performance art, video art, prints, textiles. 

Submitting applications: free of charge. However, if you pass the selection, the fee for participation will be 165 pounds sterling. Works must be delivered by September 24, 2020. The exhibition is scheduled for September 25 - October 1, 2020. 

Given the large number of foreign applications, the organizers offer an alternative to complex delivery! Having passed the selection, you can send photos of works in high quality, and the gallery will print them. 

The sales commission will be 15%. 

Among the services provided by the organizers: professional photo and video shooting at the event. Champagne! Snacks! Caviar! Waiters, hostess, security. Graphic designer's help, printing of promotional materials and advertising campaign. 

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