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Open call in the laboratory of Microbiennale in CUBE space

Exhibition "Paranormal activist" OPEN CALL

The surge of interest in pseudosciences, unexplained phenomena and occultism at the dawn of perestroika has not yet found a sufficient response in contemporary art. Having reached its gay apone with the advent of the era marked by catastrophic upheavals, the interest in paranormal phenomena and UFOs went along with the domestic escapism. The stories about meetings with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that appeared on TV screens and in newspapers obscured the reality in which poverty, terrorism and war took place. And the release of the series "The X-Files" and similar, in its time, resonated in the peak of growth of the subculture of ufologists.

The exhibition aims to make up for the lack of reflection on the theme of paranormal phenomena and suggests slipping out of the world where inequality, corruption and authoritarianism still exist.

The exhibition is divided into two parts conditionally:

1) Works of contemporary artists created in the format of the theme "Paranormal phenomena".

2) Photos, videos or text testimonies sent by eyewitnesses and recording certain phenomena that are beyond understanding (can be anonymous).

The exhibition will be held in the framework of the Laboratory of Microbiennale in the space of CUBE.Moscow operating in the framework of the special project "Support Group" of the VII Moscow International Biennale of Young Art on September 12.

Applications in free form are accepted by mail:

BEFORE SEPTEMBER 7 inclusive. There are no age restrictions.