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OPEN CALL for artists Until September 6

OPEN CALL for artists Until September 6, 2020&

The reception of applications for artists and art groups to participate in the exhibition MAP OF HUMAN BREED - a special project of the VII Moscow International Biennale of Young Art is open.

The aim of the MAP OF HUMAN BREED is to build a projection of the modern human consciousness on the scale of one exhibition.
Artists' observations of themselves, of people around them and discoveries made in the process of these observations, gathered together and transformed into an artistic form, will make an actual map of the inner state of society. Like on other maps, the MAP of the Human Beast will reveal the main and peripheral themes, safe and "seismic dangerous" zones, as well as features of "relief".
How variable is human nature and how much do we change in a transforming world? Is the "surface" fixation enough to understand the internal structure? What will the map of public consciousness look like if the most noticeable areas of human experience are put on it?
Invited to participate are artists and art groups working in different genres (painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, media, sine and video art) and developing the theme of HUMAN in their works.

The exhibition will be held from October 1 to November 1, 2020 in the ROSIZO space in Moscow (4/1 Petroverigsky Lane).
We are waiting for your applications to with a note in the theme "OPEN CALL".
The exhibition is curated by Alina Koren.

Applications for participation are accepted from artists aged 18 to 35 years.
Deadline for applying for participation in the exhibition - September 6, 2020.