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Gallery Khodynka announces open competition for participation in the exhibition

Gallery Khodynka of Association VZ Moscow announces open competition for participation in the exhibition "Frequencies" (01.09-08.11.2020).

The exhibition is dedicated to understanding the phenomenon of fractionation as a physical unique "vibration signature" of living objects.
In nature, everything is interconnected and consists of waves and vibrations, rhymeed by algorithms, golden section and Fibonacci sequence. Artists, scientists and researchers working in digital and analogue media are invited to participate in the exhibition. Preference is given to artistic works and interdisciplinary practices: research in the field of saint-art, scientific inventions and technologies, analytical visual statements that address classical aesthetics based on harmony, which push the boundaries of perception and expand academic experience.
Chodynka Gallery promotes the doctrine of Art in Science as a priority for the future development of the gallery in 2020-2030. It holds the first program exhibition dedicated to scientific art, and promotes innovative projects in the field of experimental art and experimental science. Based on the relevance of the modern needs of society to environmental solutions to global problems, we give preference not to transgumanism, but Russian cosmism, not artificial intelligence, but natural-like technologies and the new Renaissance.
Curator E. Kovylina

Deadline 12 August.

Requests to send your suggestions to the following e-mail address:
Supported by the Art in Science Foundation of Elena Kovylina and Inna Yakovleva.