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International Contemporary Illustration Competition for Artists

International Contemporary Illustration Competition

Deadline for applications: September 21, 2020. Following the results several exhibitions will be held (in Macao (China) and Tokyo (Japan)). Monetary and other awards will be presented.

Submission of works at the first stage: free of charge. Contribution for participants in the second stage: 80 yuan.

More information about the awards and the application form -

Graphics and design works are accepted. The theme of this contest sounds like: "City memory: text and language".

Text is a significant symbol of human civilization, a means of communication derived from language. Both language and text represent the human mind. Together, they serve to preserve information and history, carry wisdom, illuminating the path of civilization.

The world is now increasingly focusing on cultural exchange and mutual appreciation of different civilizations.

Language and text, writing and speech... ...they are closely linked. The constantly changing language and text are inseparable from our lives. Whether written language or the various symbol systems used in everyday life around the world, together they form a rich cultural landscape.

For example, speaking of the Chinese way of thinking, hieroglyphic writing has gradually turned into an independent art - calligraphy. Hieroglyphs are widely used in font design, signage system and even graffiti, becoming important components of urban cultural memory.

With the development of technology, the space we live in and the way we communicate will change.

In cyberspace, people inject certain encoded stimuli directly into the nerve centre and generate feelings in various cortical areas. The boundaries of communication and understanding are constantly expanding!

Will differentiated language and text be used in the future? Will there be completely new opportunities for communication?

This competition is dedicated to text and language and is open to all kinds of illustrations from around the world.

The competition is divided into four thematic blocks:

1). Story of Semiotics / Story of Text / history of semiotics / text

2). Art of Semiotics / Art of Text / art of semiotics / text

3). Language and communication / language and communication

4). Language of the future / language of the future

The history of the text block aims to reflect the historical development and changes in the various symbolic texts in the world, as well as their mutual integration and innovation.

Language and communication are people's use of different languages to communicate, demonstrating the connection between language and life.

The art of text explores the unique charm of text and writing, and the values of text design aesthetics.

The language of the future refers to the future of humanity and represents all possible ways for a person to communicate with the universe.

Through illustration, visual creative form, the contest leads a dialogue with ancient civilizations and welcomes the endless charm of multiculturalism in the evolution of civilization.

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