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invites to the «START»

Competition for artists from Swiss online gallery HelvetArt

Swiss online gallery HelvetArt has opened the international competition, until July 25, 2020. 

Invited to participate all 2d artists, regardless of their level of experience and education. The result will be an online exhibition. Prizes: first place - $ 1000, second - $ 400, third - $ 100. The winners will be named on July 28.

Awards will be given to the 7 best works. The theme of the exhibition is "Open", your best works on a free theme will be accepted.

Painting and graphics, photography and Digital, mixed techniques are accepted for the contest.

Both figurative art and abstract art works.

Registration fee: $15 (for 2 works), you can submit several applications. Awards include cash prizes, promotion (marketing), publication in online galleries and social networks and other prizes.

Link for participation: