WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

Competition for artists with the prize fund $7000

Deadline: 30 July 2020.

Accepts applications for the AMERICAN ART AWARDS Award (supported by 25 galleries). In 2019, 29 works from Russia were selected for the final (with the status of 'BEST IN WORLD'). This season's prize pool is $7,000. Get involved!

This is a project where the best galleries in America choose the best contemporary artists. The award's president - Hollywood actor Thom Bierdz - recorded a 100-minute video with an overview of the Russian winners: 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE? There are 50 categories waiting for you - graphics, painting, sculpture, photography and digital art. There will be 300 winners announced (from 1st to 6th place). For more information:


- The organizers will send pictures of your works and your contact details to 25 museums and galleries. Including the gallery, which is interested exclusively in art from Russia!

- They will issue a national press release and distribute it to galleries, buyers and artists.

- From 50 to 100 articles will be written to promote the winning authors.

- They will place the winners' works and contact information on the official website so that buyers can contact you directly.

- They will release a film on YouTube that will feature all the winners (as last year).

- In past experience, some galleries have been so impressed that they have contacted artists directly to show their work (although we cannot guarantee this).