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Competition from the Boomer gallery in London

To celebrate the opening of the first permanent art space Salonul Artelor Contemporane in central London, Boomer Gallery announces the Contemporary Mood competition.

Deadline: 24 June 2020. As a result the exhibition will take place.

The organizers are proud to be one of the youngest galleries with such a central location.

There are no special requirements, only a few simple recommendations. Make sure you present high-quality photos of the works, the light is good and if possible, try to shoot on a white background. This is very important. To apply for an exhibition of contemporary mood, write to

The letter should contain images of your three works and a short biography in English (up to 150 words). Name the files according to the scheme Title_ Size_Material_Price.

Since this is not the only open call gallery, specify the name "Contemporary Mood" in the letter.

Accepted: painting, sculpture, photo art, digital art, installations, performance, video art, prints, textiles. Submission of applications: free of charge.

However, if you pass the selection, the fee for participation is 100 pounds sterling. Sales commission: 15%.

Among the services provided by the organizers: professional photo and video shooting at the event, printing promotional materials, advertising campaign, an article about the event, written by a famous publisher.

Delivery of works: till July 2, 2020. Exhibition dates: July 3-9.

Official website: