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Open call for artists from Tavrida

The art cluster "Tavrida" launches an open call to the workshops of the art park, which will consist of two stages: educational online sessions with experts and offline work on the site of the art cluster "Tavrida". During the workshops, the creators will have a unique opportunity to design and build art objects together with experts, which will become exhibits of the art park "Tavrida" in Crimea, in the Kapsel Bay. 

Creative online workshops are part of a large project to develop the infrastructure of the art park. The organizers decided to go for an experiment and for the first time give participants a chance to create art objects from scratch. Theoretical and practical training formats of the workshop will be interesting to a wide range of creators: architects, performer, designers, authors of installations, representatives of art, builders.

You can apply for participation in the workshop on the site. 

The first stage (educational online session) will be held from June 15 to 30 for participants selected by experts to their teams. After the online session the teams will present the developed projects. 

The second stage (offline workshop) is scheduled from July 20 to August 5. The experts and participants will jointly erect the art objects designed by the teams on the territory of the art park "Tavrida".

The expert of the first team is Weld Queen, an artist and performer working at the junction of interactive art, land art and performance. Metal, welding and artistic mythology will be the tools to create a new land-art object - an interactive sculpture, which the viewer can not only admire, but also interact with.

Contemporary artists and designers Roman Ermakov and Czeslaw Shvaykov will be experts of the second team. Under the guidance of Roman and Czeslaw, the workshop participants will create a real laboratory of public art. From the combination of the principles of interaction of space, form and harmony there will be a project that will present a new format of public art.  

The creative association "Artel of Free Artists" represented by its founders Alexandra Churilova and Maria Ershova will conduct an educational intensity in the direction of "Saint-art" for the third team. The art laboratory will include lectures related to the study of the phenomenon of the place of power, Crimean history and geography, philosophy and art. In Crimea, the team is waiting for an inspiring expedition on cultural and natural monuments. As a result, the workshop participants will create their own place of strength, freedom and creativity in the art park! 

The main goal of the project is to conduct a creative experiment to create art objects by participants and experts in a short time: from the design stage to physical implementation. In addition, the project's objectives are to find talented artists and unlock their potential with the participation of professional curators, as well as to popularize such areas of art in Russia as Land Art, Sains Art and Public Art.