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International open-call for participation in exhibition in London

Deadline: June 20, 2020

OPEN CALL for participation in the exhibition in London.

At a time when life seems to be on the verge, people seek refuge in their inner world, where they can express their inner self. And nobody does it with more passion than artists.

Everyone had moments when they had to experience a lack of support, a lack of understanding of others, especially those close to them, criticism and the notorious "Why don't you find a real job?

Yes, we are now facing a pandemic and other challenges. Authors and creators suffer, and no one wants to support art, artists are not "critical workers"... Is that right?

After 80 years, people will enter the museum and see a work made in 2020. They will not remember any pandemic. That's right. Good things always survive, they're out of time.

If we visit the National Gallery in Washington DC and see Picasso's 1918 work, will we think about the Spanish flu? Most of us don't. Rather, we would imagine how passionate the artists were at that time, how great it was, how famous they became.

The purpose of this exhibition is simply to present our inner world to the public. To show our aspiration, dedication, determination, commitment to creativity during the greatest challenge of our generation and to prove that we are not "less" than a generation of great artists of the past.

How do I send an application?

Submitting works is free. However, if you are among the finalists, you will need to pay a registration fee of £15 to continue to participate.

Send the images of your three works to

Name the files according to the schematic: Title_ Size_ Medium_ Price + your short biography (not more than 150 words), all in English.





digital art


performance artwork




Important: Size limits are no more than 150/150 centimeters. The finalists will be determined by a jury. The exhibition will be held from 10 to 17 July.