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Competition for photographers Photolucida’s Critical Mass

Open registration for the project for photographers Photolucida's Critical Mass! Deadline: June 19, 2020.

The world is not the same as it was a year ago. Like all organizations, Photolucida is working to adapt its programs to the changing economic reality, and presents online award Critical Mass 2020.

Your portfolios will be seen by curators, gallery owners, publishers and producers.

Awards include a solo exhibition at the Blue Sky Gallery during Photography Month in Portland (2021), participation in Robert Rauschenberg Foundation's prestigious residence (2022) and - a novelty! - Fraction Feature Award: 10 finalists will be presented in a special edition of the online edition of Fraction.

This season the organisers are proud to announce a collaboration with two outstanding artists, Matt Eich and Priya Kambli, for the Print Collecting Initiative. Finalists will be able to print their work on brilliant PhotoRag® 308 paper.

In addition:

- The 25 finalists will receive a copy of the new monograph Keeper of the Hearth (Schilt Publishing, 2020), which has every chance of becoming a bibliographic rarity.

- The number of grants (Michael Reichmann Project Grants) has been increased: five photographers will receive $1k each to develop their photography project. Three photographers will receive a "Golden ticket" to the Photolucida Reviews Event in Portland (2021), it covers all registration fees for participation.

But in reality, the Critical Mass project is not about awards. First of all, it is designed to give an opportunity to convey their work to a large number of industry participants. And isn't now a good time to do that?   

You can see the list of the jury at

Participation in the competition will require a registration fee ($60; this fee is lower for registration until May 22).

Full rules: