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Worldwide competition for artists about animal planet

Deadline: 30 June 2020

"Portrait of an animal" is an international online animal art competition. It is open to all styles of animals: domestic and wild. The competition's theme is Animal Planet (animals, the world of animals, a portrait of an animal).

Awards of the contest:

1st place - $300

2nd place, $100.

3rd place - 1 month Premium account on the site of online gallery of contemporary art artAlebrio

The page of the contest:

Accepted artwork, made both in the technique of computer graphics, and traditional art.

Requirements for works: PNG or JPG, without watermarks or texts (except signatures, numbers or symbols). The size on the large side - up to 2000px. Description of the work specify in the settings of the work itself, explain the idea of the work.

Each participant can submit an unlimited number of works in this subject matter. Participation is chargeable.


Pets - cats;

Pets - dogs;

Birds / birds;

Wild beasts and birds;

Marine animals and fish;

Insects / arthropods;

Reptiles / reptiles;

Grotesque / humor with animals.

The works are evaluated by the following criteria:

- craftsmanship and quality of execution;

- originality and innovation;

- degree of influence on the viewer.

How to submit a work?

It is necessary to register on the contest website for participation at:

Download the works by arranging the content correctly.

Go to the contest page ( and submit the works.

Vote for entries (get rating points).

Invite friends and acquaintances to vote for your work (voting is available without registration).