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Competition for artists with prize fund $130 000

Participation is open until August 14, 2020. Prize fund over $130,000

Among the competitions and exhibitions dedicated to 21st century realism, International ARC Salon is the largest in terms of number of entries, diversity of participants and categories. This makes it the most influential and large-scale contest of modern realism in the world. With excellent awards and opportunities for artists, through collaboration with prestigious publications, galleries and museums!

The competition is organized by The Art Renewal Center (ARC), a non-profit educational foundation.

Why to participate:

Top prize: $25,000

Over 140 awards and honorary mentions

11 categories, about 40 jury members

In each category 1,2,3 places + honorary mentions will be announced.

Opportunity to participate in an international exhibition (to win, works do not have to be available for the exhibition)

Possibility of sales and exhibitions through partner museums and galleries (the works of exhibitors do not necessarily have to be available for sale)

Possibility of publications in partner publications

Additional awards (Best Nude, Best Trompe L'oeil, Most Ambitious Work, Best Social Commentary, Best Watercolor, Best Pastel, Chairman's Choice Awards, ARC Staff Awards and others)

All semi-finalists will be presented on the ARC website

All finalists will be published in a hardback edition ("International Realism").

Among the categories: Figurative Art, Portrait, Creative Realism, Landscape, Graphic Art, Sculpture, Plural Painting, Animals, Fully from Nature and a special nomination for teenagers.

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