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Contest for photographers with a prize fund of $40,000 US

Early deadline: July 20, 2020. 

Prize fund of US $40,000, including $10,000 in cash! Participate online: 

The competition dedicated to the art of panoramic photography, the largest in its genre, invites professionals and amateurs from around the world.

Among the awards: Epson SureColor P7070 printers; Epson SureColor P5070; ultra-thin Epson EB-1781W projector and Nikon D850 camera. 

The Epson International Pano Awards was founded in 2009 by landscape photographer from Australia David Evans with support from Epson Australia. New partners this year are Creative Live, MasterClass, Coursera and Inside Imaging! 

The jury consists of industry professionals and some of the world famous masters of photography: Lucie Debelkova, Ignacio Palacios, Isabella Tabacchi, Paul Hoelen, Bill Bailey, Mieke Boynton, Craig Bill, Aaron Spence, Abe Blair, Carlos Chegado, Julie Fletcher, Timothy Poulton and Juan Pablo de Miguel. 

All entries for the competition must have a panoramic response at least 2 :1 (long side : short side). 

There are two categories: 

- Nature / Landscapes

- Man-made environment / Architecture

Last season (2019) 1258 authors from 72 countries participated! Last year's winners can be seen at:


In open category - US$22 per image. 

In the amateur category - $ 18 per image. 

In the category VR/360 - US$18 per image. 

David Evans' curator comments: "Recently, we've all been swamped with "We're here for you" messages, so I'll say this isn't one of them. Well, not really... This year we've hired some amazing but very expensive super-geeks for the coders to make a major upgrade to our system to deliver the work. Now we're happy to have a coronavirus-free online platform. And we are grateful that our invaluable and regular sponsors have not faltered in their support of the 11th EPSON Pano Awards, and several new ones have joined.

On this optimistic note, we declare the competition open..."

David says that in presenting the award, the Curator's Choice will first and foremost look for current topics that reflect the modern world. He also reminds you that there is no statute of limitations in the competition and you can submit your works, which have been filmed at any time. Find gold on your hard drives, something that will make you smile. Good luck to you all!

 Prize website: