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The Atelier Austmarka residence in Norway invites you to implement your projects

The Atelier Austmarka residence in Norway invites artists, journalists, writers, scientists and others to implement their projects. It is an amazing and original place in a Norwegian village, a quiet place for concentration and immersion in nature.

There is a shop in the village and a coffee shop on weekends. There are 25 km to the large shopping centres.

Duration of work in the residence is at least 14 days and up to 3 months. The residence is paid for. Your stay is paid after your visa and before your arrival.

Participants must speak English or Scandinavian.

There is no hostess or paid laundry staff in the residence. You must pay a deposit, keep the house clean, buy food and cook yourself.

In the application form, you must give a short summary of what you want to work on when you are here / or what project you are working on. Attach documentation about your work experience (this may be a summary, an overview of the exhibition, photographs of the works, links to books or issues of articles or links to your website).

You should document that you have experience working alone. The application must be in English, Norwegian or Danish.

From Russia, you must apply for a visa to come to Norway. You must study it carefully. Before you are sent the necessary invitation and document for use in the embassy, you must pay a fee of 200 kr.

Once the amount has been registered, you will be sent the necessary invitation.

Welcome to Austmarka, Norway.

Application form:


calls in Russian: Tel +4796730489

calls in Norwegian and English: +4799262266