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Yegor Fedorichev became the first participant of the art residence of JART Gallery

JART Gallery launches new art residence for young Russian authors. Invited artists will have at their disposal a workshop, which is located near the gallery. Each residence will result in a personal exhibition project.

The first participant of the residence is Yegor Fedorichev, an artist from Omsk, already well known in the Moscow art and theatre environment. He studied at the school-studio of the Moscow Art Theatre and GITIS, worked as an artist at the Brusnikin Workshop, played music in the play "Cops on Fire" by Yuri Kvyatkovsky, and then entered the IPSI and the Rodchenko School. His solo exhibitions were held in the Richter space, at the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, at the Winery - at the Start site and in private galleries. In 2018 Egor was nominated for the state prize "Innovation".

On December 11, the JART Gallery will host Yegor Fedorichev's solo exhibition "Inevitable Jast do It". The exhibition is curated by Alexander Burenkov, curator of the Khodynka Gallery and the Cosmoscow Foundation. In his new project, the artist reflects on the current state of the country with the help of poetic lines of Soviet and contemporary Russian poets and musicians, from Vladimir Mayakovsky and Osip Mandelstam to Yegor Letov, Oleg Sudakov (group "Gypsies and I from Ilyich") and Omsk musical "tetris-punk" group "Noisy and Threatening Pranks". The very name of the exhibition was given by a line from the song of the Omsk musician Mikhail Kolesnik (#PORSHKAYENNE): "And let the north wind blow, we do our ethereal jast do it". Another important cultural hero for the artist is poet and musician Miroslav Nemirov, founder of the band "Art or Death", organizer of the Siberian punk, author of the texts "Civil Defense", founder of the Tyumen Rock Club.

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