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BoscoArteStenico (BAS) Artists, Sculptors and Land Art Designers Competition accepts applications

BoscoArteStenico (BAS) is a competition for artists, sculptors and creators of land art structures. Deadline for applications: 29 February 2020. The first prize for each section is € 700. Other awards are also available.

The competition invites you to express yourself through the topic "Metamorphoses".
There are two areas in this competition: installations made of natural materials collected in the forest and vertical sculptures made of larch trunk.

Not far from the village of Stenico there is a wonderful view of the historic castle. Walking along the local trail, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with contemporary art in a unique way.
Art objects, installations and sculptures are literally scattered along the forest road - on the ground and grass, on tree trunks and benches. In the symbolic language of art they communicate with each other and the viewer...

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