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Film Music Contest 2020

"Film Music Contest (FMC) is a unique international competition for the creators of original music for TV and cinema, as well as for composers, bands, musicians, producers, solo musicians in the field of instrumental, electronic and theatrical music without any age, nationality or place of residence restrictions. This is an opportunity for you to test your talent in the international arena.

Quality is guaranteed by a prestigious international jury, a prize fund of € 20,000 for winners and new categories that will allow a wider range of composers to participate.

It is the largest international music competition of its kind in Europe and Asia. It was opened by the art company "Gong" on October 22, 2019, in London, in the presence of representatives of various print and online media.

Choose one of the categories that best suits your music and participate:

- Music for "KeramaBlue

- Original music for movies/TV, advertising and video games, suitable for use in the media environment.

- Instrumental music

- Electronic music for film

- Original music for theatre

Especially for this year, the organizers are opening two new categories, as requested by the participants:

- Gospel/Christian music

- Voice

In the Film Music category, you will be able to compose music for an edited version of a successful Japanese film called KeramaBlue, which has been awarded at several international festivals.

You can participate in the competition with original music for film/TV, advertising and video games.

If you are experimenting with sound, compose your electronic music for the animated film "Perpetual motion" in the category "Electronic Music". Its author is Alexander Krasnov from Russia, who became one of the seven finalists in last year's competition and wants to hear your compositions for his film.

"Original Music for Theatre", in turn, is open to music composed specifically for theatrical performance. We believe that this will be a very strong and creatively interesting category!

Participation is available online on the official website, where you can find a lot of information about the new season of the competition, the jury, interviews, last year's winners and much more.

Contest website: