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Reception of applications for training at the School of Curators in Venice in the summer of 2020

Deadline for applying for training: 1 March 2020. Training period: 3 June - 1 September 2020

The School for Curatorial Studies is an ambitious, intellectually stimulating project that has been in existence since 2004 and is designed as a place for experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking. The main objectives of the project are to disseminate knowledge in the field of visual arts and introduce students to professions related to the art world, focusing their attention on contemporary curatorial theory and practice of museology. The classes at the School are intended for everyone with a passionate interest in the arts, who has a higher education, or professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills.


The Summer School of Curators will take place during the International Biennale of Architecture in Venice. This course, which offers an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, provides practical training and experience in working with museums and exhibitions. The summer school's teaching staff includes curators and museum staff, artists and art historians.

The course is designed to help students improve their understanding of the intellectual and practical tasks that curators face.

Lectures at the School are conducted in English and cover both theoretical and practical topics, from the history of contemporary visual arts and exhibition practices to the organizational aspects of curatorial work.

Students will participate in weekly events: visits to art studios, guided tours of exhibition spaces, business networking events, and master classes.

The culmination of the training at the School will be the organization of the exhibition.

The program of the Summer School includes a visit to art spaces throughout Venice during the International Biennale of Architecture. A series of research projects will offer students the opportunity to observe the development of contemporary art.

The main objective of the school will be to combine theoretical lectures with a practical approach. In addition to the theoretical classes, there will be a series of laboratories and workshops that will introduce students to the process of working on critical texts and press releases, as well as the structure of the publishing process. Students will be offered the opportunity to study at the gallery and to organize their own exhibition together with one of the teachers as a final project at the School.

Contacts for the application

Xac - School for Curatorial Studies

San Marco, 3073, 30124 Venice


Tel: +39 0412770466

The application form can be downloaded from

On the website you can find more information about the mentoring program and your stay in Venice.

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