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Back to Basics: Finland summer 2020 residence programme

Back to Basics is an intensive residence program in Finland next summer. Application deadline: 9 January 2020.

"Back to Basics" is a program of residences for artists and creative professionals of all disciplines at the Arteles creative centre in Hämeenkürö, Finland, for a month in July, August or September.

Stop the excess information, log off online and get your focus back in the northern summer, in a friendly and natural environment. The program gives artists the opportunity to clear their minds, regain their focus and rediscover the basics of their existence.

Distract yourself from your smartphone, reconnect with your creativity and become part of nature. Learn to be in the moment again, doing only what you want. With the help of professional staff, workshops and structure, the program will help you get back to what's really important to you.

Read more information and apply on the official website: