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Think of an art object for Maslenitsa in Nikola Lenivets

Deadline: 24 November 2019

The winner's fee is 100,000 rubles (including personal income tax) plus two people's accommodation for the time required to participate in the project.

Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets is not just a folk festival with pancakes and burning straw scarecrows. It is always a one-day performance, which ends with a large spectacular fire.

Especially for him, an art object is created within a few months, which is destined to disappear in just a couple of hours.
This is exactly what the art park team thinks should be true art. It is not stored in the museum under the glass, but appears for a short period of time to be remembered by those who were lucky enough to see it.

It is important that the project uses only materials that are well lit and are either production wastes or recycled materials. It is unwise to burn something useful. This is what is usually used:
- Old wooden pallets, which should be sent from the factories for recycling. They are ideal as an inner pipe of an object that immediately catches fire.
- Tonkomer - 6-meter long ends of coniferous trees of thin diameter (less than 200 mm), unsuitable for use on sawmill. Suitable for the construction of the frame of the object.
- Straw bales are low-quality straw, which is not suitable as animal feed. When burnt, it produces sparks, heat and smoke.
- Wooden construction waste is the main burning material, thanks to which the fire burns long and beautifully.

Project selection criteria
- Conceptuality of the idea suitable for the cultural context of Nikola Lenivets.
- Entertainment.
- Thoughtfulness of all mandatory points of the project.
- Possibility of realization - we have at our disposal two months of construction in frosty winter conditions with the use of a tractor and a crane.
- Fitting into the budget and implementation conditions. The total construction budget of the facility should not exceed 1 million rubles. The authors should offer an optimal ratio of the spent funds to the spectacularity and relevance of the finished project.