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Sacred Arts Festival in Sanlis

When: 18-26 April 2020.

Theme 2020: "The Way to Essence".

Deadline of registration: 1 February 2020

The Sacred Arts Festival in Sanlis is one of the main cultural events in the vicinity of Paris. Professionals and amateurs, you can exhibit works in the Church of St. Peter, an architectural gem of medieval Gothic style. Whether you're a painter, drawer, engraver or sculptor, give way to your work!

Give shape to what inspires you in the sacred realm with what best expresses your personal quest. Your work will be seen and appreciated by an understanding audience. And who knows, maybe you will receive a prize for the most inspiring work at the Festival?

The Sanlisa Sacred Arts Festival has 300 artists selected for their talent and quality of performance in the discipline they represent. These are 700 works masterfully placed in precious showcases.

A jury of representatives of the art world will be awarded many prizes for the most outstanding achievements:

- The Prix Géant des Beaux-Arts, 

- the American University of Paris prize, 

- the prize from Metanoia Galerie (Paris), 

- the Modern Art Energy prize, 

- the Galerie Ça Bon prize, 

- the Monte dei Fiori award, 

- the prize of the Italian Cultural Centre in Paris, 

- the Santa-Eufemia prize, 

- an award from Cap Régions Éditions, 

- the Hôtel Bellon prize, 

- the Clinique du Valois prize, 

- the Hôtel Escapade prize...

If you want to apply, registration is open until February 1, 2020. 

From the organizers: "Do not hesitate to join us if you are engaged in activities that are in line with the theme of the Festival: crafts, agriculture, art therapy ... We will organize a space with stands in the Church of St. Peter so that you can present and share your skills with the most amazing audience. If you would like to participate for 8 days, please send us a description of your activities for pre-selection. Thanks to local and institutional partners, media coverage and, above all, the quality of the program, we expect a large number of visitors who may be interested in your services or works that you can sell or donate.

Festival website:

Contacts for sending applications for pre-selection: (Olga Smolentseva, curator of the Russian Pavilion, tel: 89262170347)

Send us your description. Describe the connection between the work and sacred art, give brief information about the artist.