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Nature Photography Contest Glanzlichter 2020

Completion of applications: 5 January 2020.

The competition is open to all those involved in natural photography, both amateur and professional photography. The Fritz Poyelking Award will be presented to the winner in category 4. Photographers under the age of 17 can participate in all categories. The winner in this age category will be selected from all applications. The winners will receive a prize pool of more than 30,000 Euros!

Including cash prizes of more than 12 000 euro and special prizes of 18 000 euro. 

The competition offers eight different categories. This: Magnificent Wilderness, The Beauty of Plants, Nature as Art, Artists on Wings, The World of Mammals, Diversity of all other Animals (except birds and mammals), Moments in Nature, Aerial Views of Nature (by Multicopter). Together, they make up a journey around the planet with a unique collection of beautiful images, from landscapes to pictures of animals.

All winners will be invited to the award ceremony.

The award ceremony is held within the framework of the 22nd International Days of Natural Photography named after A.V. Lomonosov. Furstenfield from 23 to 26 April 2020. Each present winner will be presented with a CEWE photo album with all the winning photos and the work of the main winner on the cover. All winners will be invited to a gala dinner later in the day.

The winning photos will be exhibited at the travelling exhibition and published in a book and on the website.

The fee for participation is 20 euros per participant. If you are sending your application by mail, please enclose this amount in cash. If you are applying online, transfer the funds to the specified account or via Paypal to the account 

Works can be submitted for the contest in several ways:

- Digital images on

 - Digital images on CD/DVDs.

In each category, 5 works can be presented. In total, no more than 25.

If the animal in the image is in captivity (zoo, fenced area, hunting farm), or has been photographed under controlled conditions, then a letter "C" (captive) should be added to the name. If you have used any digital technology, also add the corresponding abbreviations to the name.

Pets, multi-exposure images, and modified image editors are not allowed to participate.

If you submit your work by mail, you must enclose a questionnaire (in German or English).

All rights to the image remain with the photographer.

The image cannot be blocked by stock agencies or publishers. If the image shows people, you must provide a model release form. "Projekt nature & fotografie is not responsible for claims from third parties or for damage or loss of mail.

When applying for participation in the competition, the photographer accepts the conditions of participation.

The decision of the jury cannot be challenged.

Instructions on how to submit digital images

You can provide digital images in the following ways

- CD or DVD (please use only these optical media)

- online:


We thank Ekaterina Andreichuk for her translation.