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Change the social advertising in the city with the contest "Your Vision"

"Your Vision" is a competition for artists and designers, the winners of which will change the appearance of social advertising in Moscow. In 2019, the contest is held for the first time - from September 27 to November 27. Applications are accepted on the site of your look.rf. 

During the call for applications, a parallel programme with lectures and master classes from BBDO, round tables, practical exercises and videos from Cannes Lions will be organized for the contestants, followed by discussions with representatives of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR).  

Participation in the contest is a chance to change the image of social advertising in Moscow, to replenish the portfolio and to show the whole city your view - the works of the winners will be shown on the media facade of the Central Telegraph on Tverskaya Street and on other advertising surfaces of the city. The best works will be exhibited at the Winzavod Central Information Center in 2020. 

The winners in each category - "youth employment", "sport for all", and a free theme - will be awarded cash prizes of 120,000, 80,000 and 50,000,000 rubles, respectively.

The jury consisted of leading experts in the field of modern design and advertising: Director of the Gladway Foundation Vladimir Vainer, CEO of BBDO Group Ella Stewart, Vice-President of AKAR Elena Reshetova, Academician of the Academy of Graphic Design Igor Gurovich, teacher of the School of Design of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering Alexey Baranov, Head of the Moscow Department of Mass Media and Advertising Ivan Shubin, Director of the School of Design of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering Sofia Trotsenko.