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Print-market collects applications for participation in residences dedicated to manual printing till October 17

Together with Moscow printing shops, Print-market launches the first series of residences dedicated to hand-painted graphics. Within the framework of the residence, artists can print prints free of charge in one of the printing techniques offered: silkscreen printing - Print Mafia, etching - Ornamental workshop, printing - ESHprint, high printing - HardCorePress, lithography - LithoArt.

The purpose of the residence is to attract the attention of modern artists to manual printing techniques. During the years of its existence, the school of Soviet easel graphics and book illustration has produced bright names and important artworks for the Soviet society. But the break with the avant-garde past, the tightness of the artistic environment and the academic system of education created an ecosystem of circulation of classical images, often decorative, distancing themselves from the actual agenda of society. Despite the fact that the emergence of the Internet and new curricula has significantly expanded the range of visual languages and subjects, we still face a large number of cliches inherent in traditional graphics when considering applications for marketing.

Classic etching, high printing, silk-screen printing, lithography or more modern printmaking - each of the printing methods is a unique tool with its own limitations and opportunities that set the framework for dialogue between the artist and the material. We suggest that participants consider print graphics not as a way of replicating images or reproducing a traditional set of artistic techniques and formal solutions, but as a field for experimentation and actual artistic expression.


Deadline for accepting applications from 24 September to 17 October 

Resident Announcement 20 October

Access to workshops is available until November 20

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