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Kooshk Residence (Tehran) announces the Kooshk Artist Residency Award

Deadline for applications: 30 September 2019. Announcement of results: mid-December 2019. Residence dates: May 2020 (1-31)

The Kooshk Residence, a unique cultural space in Tehran, announces the Kooshk Artist Residency Award. The application form is open to all artists working in the fields of visual arts, performance, sound and music, film and video. The prize is designed to support artists, creativity and the development of new ideas.

Kooshk Residency, with the help of private sponsors, aims to provide artists, curators, researchers, writers and filmmakers with an enabling environment for intercultural dialogue and creativity. The annual month-long program of the residence will be offered to four non-Iranian artists.

The program gives participants the opportunity to conduct research and experimentation, develop professionally, maintain an open dialogue and exchange of ideas in order to develop abilities, find new ways of working and thinking.

The residence will provide dynamic and distinctive conditions for foreign artists to work and exchange ideas with local artists, critics and researchers. The programme emphasizes the balance between working in isolation and working in teams with other artists, interacting with their views and environment.

Kooshk will make every effort to promote the development of cultural and social views, bringing together local and foreign artists, representatives of different artistic disciplines, in the cultural space in Tehran and creating an opportunity to exchange ideas.

Contributions and scholarships

Applicants must pay a non-refundable fee of $20.

The selected artists will receive a $200 scholarship. The cost of accommodation (room for two artists), studio and tickets will be paid by Kooshk.

Selection process

Applications are accepted via the online platform

Applications will be considered according to the criteria in two stages with different jury panels.

Registration conditions

All candidates must complete the application form, providing the following:

- Personal information

- Summary

- Recommendations (no need for a letter)

- Artist-statements (author's statement)

- Motivation letter

- Project plan

- Examples of works

Jury 2020. Stage one

Anna Lovecchio, Residence Curator, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore)

Frederik Hardvendel - Director of Danish Art Workshop, Member of the Board of Directors of Art Hub Copenhagen and Res Artis (Denmark)

Olivia Fortini - Director of Istituto Garuzzo (Italy)

Monica de Miranda is a co-founder and director of Hangar Residency (Portugal)

Silvana Ovsejevich - Director of RAP (Residencias de Arte Panal) (Argentina)

The jury for the second stage will be announced soon.

Selection criteria

- Competence, taking into account the quality of the curriculum vitae and examples of works

- Non-standardity of the proposed project and its results

- Compliance of the project with the objectives of the prize and the significance of the prize for the project

- English language skills

Please note: It is better to apply in advance. Since many applications are expected in the last days before the deadline, the organisers will not be able to help you if something goes wrong.

You can submit your application by clicking on the link:

If you have any questions, write to


Q: Can I apply as a curator, researcher, writer or critic?

A: No, only artists working in the fields of visual arts, performance, sound and music, film and video can participate.

Q: Can I apply as an Iranian artist living abroad?

A: No, this is an opportunity for non-Iranian artists.

Q: Can I change my residence time?

A: The program will take place in May 2020, dates cannot be changed.

Q: Can I join a pair or a team?

A: This opportunity is open to individual artists, and you cannot apply from the team.