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New York Photographic Arts Center invites photographers to participate in the competition

Deadline: 10 November 2019

The New York Photographic Arts Center invites photographers from all over the world to participate in the competition. The winners will receive a prize fund of $3,000 in cash. Their works will be presented at the New York Gallery exhibition and online, and will also be published in the catalogue.

For the translation of the announcement we thank Olga Graur.

The work, which won the Grand Prix, will be published on the home page of the New York Photographic Arts Center's website.
The winners and elected jury will be invited to the exhibition, which will be held in spring 2019 in Jadite Gallery (Judith Gallery), an area called Hell's Kitchen (Manhattan). All finalists will be sent certificates.
Photographic works created using any method of photo printing (normal printing, image transfer, image transfer using emulsion, encaustic, black-and-white printing, etc.) are accepted. Both amateurs and professionals can participate.
About the theme of the competition (Patterns and Shadows)
Early in the morning or late in the evening, the city's picture plays with deep shades of shade from buildings, cars and even passers-by. Take a good look at the buildings at any time of the day and notice the patterns in the facades, windows, etc.
In this competition, paintings are important, in which the visual impact is created by shadows or repetitive patterns/silhouettes (patterns).
Your possibilities are limitless. Consider the pattern in the rows of cinema seats, in the light of falling on the steps and turning into a series of black and white stripes. Or in the shadows. It doesn't matter if it's your own athlete or an athlete running around early in the morning.
Jury: Paula Tognarelli (Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography).
Ms. Tognarelli organizes more than 54 exhibitions a year in the Griffin Gallery and surrounding institutions. She holds a master's degree in arts management from Boston University and a bachelor's degree in humanities from Regis College. She is a graduate of the New England School of Photography and is also a PhD in education at the University of Leslie.
She spent 25 years in printing before starting her career as an artistic administrator.
She is one of 12 women across America who have helped replace analogue workflow with a fully digital one.
Paula Tognarelli is an excellent judge of style, genres of photography and materials used in the process.
About Prizes
In total there will be 10 monetary awards, 15 participants with the status of "choice of jury" and 20 honorary mentions.
Grand Prix: $750
First prize (for three photographers): $300
Second prize (for three photographers): $250. 
Third prize (for three photographers): $200.  
Contribution for participation: $35 for three images. Additional photos can be sent for $10 each.

File requirements: 
 - JPG, TIF or PNG, 1,280 pixels on the long side
 - Choose a unique name for each shot to easily distinguish it when announcing the results. In English and short, no special characters. A bad example: Tea Glass1, Tea Glass 2...
For payment and downloading, go to:
Full rules are available on the contest website.
All questions can be addressed to the organizer (in English):