WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

Online contest for illustrators and designers with a prize fund of 245 000 rubles.

Acceptance of applications: until 23 August 2019.

Online competition for illustrators and designers with a prize pool of 245 000 rubles.

Unique format of the contest from the authors of the popular application Photo Lab: come up with and create a cool photo template that will gather millions of likes from users around the world.

PhotoArt Contest is a complete freedom of creativity for designers, illustrators and just creative people who are not afraid of experiments and will risk testing their extraordinary ideas on a live audience.

When: 24 August 2019 (Phase 1)

Where: online

Who are we waiting for: design students, illustrators and creative people?

Conditions: participation is free - just have time to register on the site.

Now about prizes:

1st place: 50 000 rubles

2nd place: RUB 30,000

3rd place: RUB 15,000

10,000 rubles will be awarded to each of the finalists who have reached the second stage (up to 15 people).

In addition to that:

- The winners will have an opportunity to cooperate with Photo Lab.

- The finalists' templates will be launched in the Photo Lab application (stage 2) and millions of users around the world will be able to use them for photo processing.

Registration for the contest is on the website: