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Competition for photographers with a prize fund of US$20,000

Early deadline: 9 October. 
Late deadline: 23 October 2019.

World Wedding Photography Competition. The winners will receive a prize fund of US$20,000 (over US$5,000 in cash).
IWPOTY awards are open to everyone - professionals and amateurs. This is the third time the contest has been held.
We live in an exciting time with technologies that give photographers the scope, flexibility to express concepts and emotions, in all genres and, especially, in wedding photography.
The IWPOTY contest demonstrates the work of wedding photographers around the world. In 2018, the winner was Dan O'Day from Australia.

The level of applications is increasing and this season promises to be even more exciting.

On the jury:

Dan O'day - Australia
Andy Gaines - UK
Derrick Ong - Singapore
We Are the Parsons - USA
Monika Frias - Spain
Kristen Marie Parker - USA

Contest website:

Contacts for questions: (Luke Simon)