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PASHADELIC Competition for Photographers: "Landscape Photography for Next Generation"

Deadline: 31 July 2019

PASHADELIC strives to hold competitions that will help to understand how society can coexist with the environment. This year, the organisers want not only to see your beautiful photos, but also to think about respect for nature and how to pay tribute to the places where you shoot. Topic: Landscape Photography to Pass on to the Next Generation.

The theme is chosen to provide an insight into the dilemma of the photographer's interaction with nature. Landscape photographers on the one hand want to share photos on social media so that everyone can see them, but on the other hand, when too many photographers and tourists visit certain locations, these places are often destroyed.

The competition encourages photographers to think about how to make the world a better place to live together with nature.

PASHADELIC believes that our respectful behavior can affect nature and pass on its beauty to the next generation.

This year's competition will be even bigger: the venue will be moved to Karuizawa and the event will be part of the Asama Photo Festival. The organizers have teamed up with Prince Hotel in Karuizawa to hold an award ceremony and exhibition.


The main winner:

-Nikon Z7 -NiSi-Fotoprint Filters -PASHADELIC Gifts -Exhibition at the Karuizawa Prince Hotel

Two to five seats:

-Photoprint -Photoprints from PASHADELIC -Exhibition at Karuizawa Prince Hotel

Special prize:

-Ticket to Palau -Photoprint -PASHADELIC Gifts -Karuizawa Prince Hotel Exhibition