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A set of applications to the autumn curatorial school in Vladivostok

The Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Novosibirsk and the Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art (VShSI) announces an open competition for participation in a two-week autumn school for young artists, curators, philosophers, writers, architects, designers, art managers and anyone interested in creating and curating exhibitions, under the supervision of two curators with international experience, Thibaut de Ruyter and Ruth Noack. The venue of both courses: Zarya Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok.

‣ Only residents of the Far East and Siberia can apply for participation in the school.
‣ A grant from the Goethe Institute in Novosibirsk covers tuition fees for both courses and accommodation in a shared apartment in Vladivostok during the workshop period.
‣ Travel to and from Vladivostok is covered by the participant.
‣ You can only apply for one course of your choice.
‣ School seminars are accompanied by consecutive translations from English into Russian.

Creation of exhibitions: from vocabulary to design
Teacher: Thibaut de Ruyter, Berlin
Dates: 21-26 October 2019
Number of participants: maximum 15

The course of Thibaud de Reuther is based on the acquisition of practical tools used by the creators of exhibitions on a daily basis: the design of models, plans of exposure, use of certain vocabulary, work with different exhibition spaces with different budgets for exhibitions (from private galleries to non-traditional places). The study of these tools will be an opportunity to discuss the process of creating an exhibition with students at both theoretical and practical level (from concept to graphic design, from scenography to press release). Participants will learn how to create simple models in which they implement their own projects for potential exhibitions on their own subject, which will lead to the development of completely different exhibitions (from modern to applied art, biographical exhibitions, etc.). The course is intended for everyone interested in the practical creation of exhibitions (artists, curators, architects, historians, designers, critics). Experience as a curator is not required.

The seminar was held earlier in several summer courses (Summer Academy in Berlin, Bauhaus Summer School in Bernau), art schools (National Academy of Arts Oslo) and art centers (Yarat, Baku).

The course lasts for a working week: two days are devoted to the study of basic concepts and the production of models, three days are devoted to the development of the exhibition within the framework of the model, and the seminar ends with a public presentation of projects. The course is usually accompanied by lectures and film screenings on art. At the end of the course, participants should have a better understanding and awareness of exhibitions as a special field of activity within contemporary art.

What exhibitions do we wish for?
Educator: Ruth Noack, Berlin
Dates: 28 October - 2 November 2019
Number of participants: maximum 10

The course is devoted to the conceptualization of exhibitions and the process of their creation. Exhibitors are invited to discuss some of the main issues, such as which exhibitions we want and why? Ruth Noack will present his own experience as an exhibition curator based on two decades of international practice. The group will do practical exercises. To this end, each participant is invited to bring a work of art that is of particular relevance to childhood. The course is conducted in an experimental format of interaction and discussion among participants. The format of the final project will be developed and implemented by the group itself.

Ruth Noak is a curator, visual artist and art historian by profession, and has been working as an author, art historian, university lecturer and exhibition organizer since the 1990s. In 2007, Noack curated the twelfth edition of one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions, Documenta, held every 5 years in Kassel, Germany. Other exhibitions she has curated include Scenes of a Theory (1995), Things We Don't Understand (2000), The Government (2005) and Not Dressed for Conquering - Ines Doujak's Loomshuttles/Warpaths (2012). Notes on Crisis, Currency and Consumption (2015) was the first in a series of ten essays on the problems of modern life. Ruth is currently working on the "Sleeping with a Vengeance - Dreaming of a Life and Fragments and Compounds" series. She was the head of the Curating Contemporary Art educational program at the Royal College of Art in London in 2012-2013, and worked as a research leader in the European Museums in an age of migrations (MeLa) project. Noaq was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2013-2014) and in 2014 she led the International Curatorial Course at the Gwangju Biennale. С