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Competition for a trip to the residence in Ahrenshop in 2020 and 2021 for Kaliningrad artists

Scholarships of the Kaliningrad State Centre for Contemporary Arts and the St. Luke's House of Artists (Ahrenshop) for 2020 and 2021

Deadline: August 5.

Two artists from Kaliningrad in 2020 and two in 2021 will be able to live for a month in the St. Luke's House of Artists in Ahrenshop, a historic art residence with good working and living conditions.

The scholarship is addressed:

  • For contemporary artists (painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video, arts and crafts/design);
  • musicians (composer's art);
  • dancers (choreography, performance);
  • To authors (prose, lyrics, dramaturgy, scripts, essays).
  • The scholarship consists of two parts: travel expenses (150 euros) and free accommodation/work in the studio (month) in the House of Artists named after St. Luke. The organisational costs are covered by the Kaliningrad City Centre of Arts and Crafts. The scholarship holder will bear the costs of staying in the residence for a month.


Priority is given to art projects aimed at the original artistic research of the residence and local community.

Send your applications by August 5 to the following e-mail address: The results of the contest will be announced in mid-August!

You can download the application guidelines by clicking here: ссылке

All submitted applications will participate in the selection for both years automatically. Please specify in the application form when (month, year) you would like to go.