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The competition of the Museum of Actual Realism

Acceptance of papers: 1st to 15th September, 2019. Participation is free

Contest "Genre in the development of" established the Togliatti Museum of modern Realism in 2016. In 2019, the organizers have combined some traditional (landscape, botany, animals) and new genres (environmental photography, eco cartoons, eco-posters, eco-street art, installations) fine art into a single concept of “environmental art” and invite artists to perform competitive work in this synthetic genre, revealing the theme of ‘Man. Ecology. Endangered the world”.

Rules of competition

- the submission by email: from September 1 to September 15, 2019.

- the results of the contest: October 1,

- informing the winners and collection of works for the formation of the exhibition: 10 October - 1 November

Exhibition of the competition winners at the Museum of modern Realism: 26 November - 10 January.

the winners of the contest: November 26, 2019

Group competition: