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Ivan Gorshkov opens a personal exhibition in the MMOMA

Artist from Voronezh, Ivan Gorshkov, whose exhibition "Parkour" took place at the START in 2010, opens a solo exhibition "The Fountain of all" under the supervision of Masliaev Alexey.

"Gorshkov— a brilliant representative of the so-called "Voronezh wave” in contemporary Russian art, known for rethinking traditional artistic means painting sculptures — in bold "hooliganism" key. The project brings together works created for the last few years: picturesque series of “Swan lake” and sculpture — “My family lovely place" installation "Utopia of dragons” and selected works from projects "Crystal boots”, “Hyperspace anteater" “Creme brulee". Previously implemented works are only part of the total number of exhibits, most of the works created especially for the exhibition in the MMOMA".

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