WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

Sasha Puchkova's Media Addiction

In the new pop-up format of the project START, the artist Sasha Puchkova presented a new work Media Addiction on the basis of the exhibition Frozen by Sasha Zubritskaya.

Events occurring in the visual field, give rise to interpretation in the mind of the beholder. We are already familiar with the exhibition space, but a number of us occur the interaction of objects and living entities, indirectly rebuilding our system of interpretation.

Materialistic stalking. When the bodies are defined by “uncertainty” “openness to the other, other than it is, in any here and now" (Massumi). In other words, the body can move in the affective state at any time, and cause other bodies to move in the affective state. (Andre Cavalcante).

Actions in the performance are transformed into iconic system, progrevaemost in space and the material space of the Internet communication. We are not able to separate themselves from these spaces. The resulting phenomenon is unreal, it exists only as expressed. But severe can not be.

Sound space was created by Alice Kibin.

Operator: Arthur Repin.

Performers: Margarita varakina, Alexei Leont'ev, Xenia Lygina, Daria Melnikova, Gleb mikhalovsky, Catherine Mordvinkin, Dasha Pasichnyk, Lisa Firsov.