WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

"START" on the 4th Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art

Project to support young artists, contemporary art center WINZAVOD “START” will participate in 4th Ural Biennale of contemporary art. The curator of the Start of the 2017/2018 season, arts critic and teacher of the Faith Trachtenberg and  project expert, curator, Deputy Director of exhibition Department, Multimedia Art Museum Anna Zaytseva will meet with young artists in the framework of the portfolio review and will give an open lecture. At the end of the contest, which will be held jointly with the experts of the Biennale, they will select a short-list of applicants for exhibition on the site «START» in Moscow.

Solo exhibition — the best way for a young artist to Express themselves. Every month “START” allows one author to show your project SRC WINERY and discovered the names of such famous today by artists like Evgeny Antufiev, Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, Tanya Panicker, Ivan Novikov, and others. The project actively develops an international direction and helps participants to experience the art residences abroad.

In the framework of portfolio-review experts “Start” and 4th Ural Biennale of contemporary art  will discuss the work of participants, give comments and suggest possible ways of development for their projects. The best of the authors will be included in the shortlist for the “Start” and get the chance together with the curator to organize his first solo exhibition at the contemporary art center WINZAVOD. In the parallel program of the Biennale will be a lecture of Faith Trachtenberg “Artist statement, cv, portfolio: preparing for the Revue”.

President of the Foundation for support of contemporary art WINZAVOD Sofia Trotsenko: In the project “START” to us a particularly important regional dimension. We open exhibitions by artists from all over Russia, watching what is happening with contemporary art in the regions, to the extent possible, I try to intensify the processes taking place there. Through participation in 4-th Ural Biennale of contemporary art, the project will not only tell  about his views on young art, but also to meet personally with the artists; find out what topics they are interested in talking, and what they use the tools. This experience is very valuable for our project”.

curator of the project SRC WINERY “START” season 2017/2018 Faith Trachtenberg:Priority “Start” — searching for and supporting emerging artists, view artwork and assistance in the organization of the first exhibition, the integration of artists in the art community. This year Ekaterinburg is not inferior to Moscow at the level of carrying out of exhibition projects dedicated to contemporary art. Portfolio review within the framework of the parallel program of the Biennale will be an important event for cultural life of the city, will allow the project “START” to see the context and find new young talents”.


Deputy Director of the Ural branch of NCCA in the creative activities of Evgeniya Chaika: “a Joint portfolio review with the project “START”  we see a great opportunity for artists to share their projects and ideas with representatives of two important institutions in modern Russian art, to expand their professional network, and useful discussions on  work with the Moscow and Ural curators”.


27 Oct, 19:30

Lecture Faith Trachtenberg  “Artist statement, cv, portfolio: preparing for the Revue”

Area: Ural Instrument-making plant, Gorky str., 17, 3rd floor, lecture hall

October 28, 12:00 PM

Portfolio review project SRC WINERY “START”
the Area: Ural Instrument-making plant, Gorky str., 17, 3rd floor, lecture hall

Projects on the portfolio review can be submitted to participate in the printed version or on electronic media author. Limitation on the number of works from one participant.


Faith Trachtenberg — the curator of the season 2017/2018 project SRC WINERY “START”, art historian, curator, lecturer at British Higher School of Design. Currently working at the State Museum and exhibition centre “ROSIZO”.

Anna Zaitseva — expert of the project SRC WINERY “START”, curator, Deputy Director for exhibition activities of the Multimedia Art Museum.

Alisa Prudnikova — Commissioner of the Ural industrial biennial, regional development Director ROSIZO, the state center of contemporary art.

Vladimir Seleznev — the curator of the Ural branch of the NCCA.

Evgeniya Chaika — Deputy Director of the Ural branch of the NCCA creative activities.