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Opening at the Start. The Exhibition Of Ivan Krasikov "Caramel"

the Final exhibition of the season 2015/2017 "Caramel" appears at the site of young art, CCA WINZAVOD “START” on April 13. Artist Ivan explores Hryaschikov plastic properties of caramel confectionery.  His experiments with this unusual material — a kind of spacewalk.  the Author creates in the space of the exposition is the whole universe: planetary systems, meteorites — all objects  are made of caramel.


Exhibition at the project START — the debut of Ivan Krasikov as an artist. Pastry chef by training, he was engaged in the author's cakes, went to exhibitions and competitions, is not interested in the caramel. Going beyond the craft occurred in a Berlin pastry exhibitions. Instead of the traditional sugar flowers Ivan Hryaschikov presented to the public a black column from caramel  labeled “Every time you copy someone else's work, not bringing anything of his own, a particle of your soul dies”. The experiment has not received universal approval, but after this experience, Ivan began to think seriously about how to deal with contemporary art. 


the Path for further development was prompted by the material itself. The first step — trying to keep the caramel in its original form, to create timeless sculpture. Thus was born the series of works filled with bottles of colorful sprinkles. Each of the following appeared in the result of the study of the properties of the material.  In the collection of Ivan Krasikov have caramel in glass, wood and porcelain. Curves, which she  takes when heated, cracks in its structure, reminded the painter of space objects. That is why his exhibition at the Start he will create his model of the universe. In addition to the objects in the exhibition will be presented a video in which a color  caramel transformirovalsya under the radio emission of the planets.


Ivan Hryaschikov, artist: “caramel has a mystical naturalness, naturalness. I  want to explore the physics of caramel, to study its properties. As it flows? As melt? As crack? I study the caramel as it is not studied one, and this is akin to spacewalk”. 


Caramel Ivan Krasikov, acquiring new properties, becomes a material for art work.


Kirill Preobrazhensky, curator: “Artists in XX century tend to use charm, including food, materials in their work. It is not only a challenge to public opinion,  and method in contemporary art formulating certain statements: for example, Joseph Beuys used in his sculptures of wax, fat and honey, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres in his famous work “untitled" (Placebo, 1991) introduced the candy as a metaphor for the body of her lover who died from AIDS, and these lollipops, that is, the body, offered to taste for all visitors of the exhibition. Among the recent bold attempts to bring Haute cuisine into the context of fine art it is important to mention the invitation to participate in documenta 12 famous chef Ferran adrià.

Ivan Hryaschikov independently discovered the unusual properties of the known material in the process of exploring this medium, he has created a personal mythology, a kind of “caramel cosmogony". Ending your season be unusual and experimental exhibition, I want to wish the young art in Russia a beautiful and sweet future”.


Exhibition at the site LAUNCH will allow the artist to conceptually represent a relevant topic. The project  has been supporting young artists since 2008. That was organized more than 50 solo exhibitions of new authors. After participating in the project, they successfully exhibited in Russian and foreign galleries and institutions.