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A new exhibition at the site of the START: the SAFE HOUSE Alexander Pryimachenko

December 6, 2016 at the Center for contemporary art WINERY on site START an exhibition of the artist Alexander Pryimachenko Safe House. According to the authors, exposure - experimental laboratory with experiments on the movement in time and space. The exhibition presents collages, videos, objects made of wax.
according to scientific forecasts, in the near future, humanity will find itself in a situation when the pace of scientific progress will become so fast that it's impossible to comprehend. The echoes of this future we live in today. Reality becomes a collection of disparate structures that give rise to each particular person his picture of the world. This separation leads to a state of total uncertainty. In the draft Alexander Primachenko videos, photo collages, and objects made of wax to form an alternative space intended as a place of possible communication — present, past and future.
exhibition center ­— video Ðreamscape: ­interpretation photoroman ‘runway", filmed in the early 60's one of the main documentarians of the twentieth century, French Director Chris Marker. This is the story of the world after world war III. People who are forced to live in a dungeon, create a device able to move them in the past. The main character — Guinea, which tested new technology. Using the device it is immersed in the memories, trying out fragments of memory to create an image of the past. His goal — to restore communication between the sketchy fragments of consciousness and to chart the way for humanity, trapped in the disastrous present. The same apparatus, a virtual reality helmet that recreates in his video Alexander Pryimachenko. His hero time and again immersed in the ruined 3D gaming world. The journey is accompanied by inserts of memories from my childhood. Hero hard to combine layers of disparate experience, his personality — on the brink of dissolution. The way to clear understanding of reality are blurred to the maximum. 
Alexander Pryimachenko by chance he was, a short film video game. Fragmentation — one of the conditions of virtual reality. Games are created as a set of levels that are arranged in a certain way. “you think you understand everything, and then you fall through the wall and everything fell apart», — explains the artist. At the same time, game — is an element of reality, a tool that allows detached to observe situations, to create new and load them to other people.
the World Ðreamscape crosses the boundary of virtual reality and finds material embodiment in the exhibition space.  the pieces depicted in a series printed on the acrylic photo collages and wax objects. Based collages — documentary photographs taken in one of the residential areas of Moscow. In the pictures, the artifacts of the environment, which have attracted the attention of the artist. In the process they added silhouettes of the games: the outlines of houses, scattered lines, characters, frozen in unnatural poses. In the collages of home environment merges with the imaginary images to form a coherent whole.
in addition to landscapes of the digital world to the real penetrate of in-game items: a bottle of pills “Health” and containers of ammunition. The transformation of the sterile 3D objects in real accompanied by deformation. Selected as a material of wax helps to recreate the process of transition from one dimension to another.
“the Wax seems to me to be very physical with the material, tangible, closest to the flesh. He looks like a body. It's something more close to us than metal or plastic, something more tangible. It was interesting to choose the wax for a conversation about the intersection of different layers of reality and non-existent to bring in this very physical, organic material», — says Alexander Pryimachenko.
Safe House — the place where digital worlds finds its material embodiment.