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invites to the «START»


In 2015 in the framework of the Project the START of the season 2014-2015, SRC WINERY collaborated with the INSTITUT FRANCAIS, which results in final exhibition provided an opportunity for one author to take part in the international residency program for artists in Paris. The winner of the prize was Zina Isupova, the author of the exhibition “Included” (April 2015) and the participant of group exhibition Leaving Tomorrow.

Zina agreed to share with us their experiences in the form of diary entries.

the sixth Entry. Important experience

In my view, Paris was the same as in 1920-30 years, when it was enough just to walk by Montparnasse, to meet one of the most brilliant artists or writers of the twentieth century ,reveling in the Bohemian life of the mad, uninhibited, drunken and inspiring cities in Europe. The incident on 13 November, the terrorist attacks in Paris that finally awoke me from my dream of a romantic town, with a only by magic art. The brutality of the modern world, doused me in buckets when I was floundering in jelly of fantasies about the long defunct town. My mom was upset, that was worth it just to rejoice in my County from the threat of Moscow, and before that, at least from troubled Ukraine, as "even then," following me at night the endless howling of sirens and the feeling of worthlessness and helplessness, when an hour ago you imposingly walked along the street, where just 19 people died. The first two days, at the request of relatives and friends, and I did not go out. Soon, resumed meetings with friends. Of course, now, they shared with me their fears, and not impressions of the exhibitions. Many museums were closed, mass gatherings banned. Paris has faded.

Despite the mourning, fear and paranoia, after a week of gears of the big city again creaked, and the people returned to the streets. Must be me, as befits a modern, energetic and ambitious artist, had also to be got and go further on track. I guess I would also have to continue to think about high art and culture, to create and to give the world beauty.

In fact, I'm like a dog staring out the window, trying to get rid of the unpleasant feelings that sat just in 2014 years in Moscow and staring at the monitor of his laptop, watching helplessly as the burning Maidan, right under the Windows of my house. Then, still on emotions, I made a couple of unsuccessful work on these events. In a hurry making this work, I put them in only their teenage maximalism, misunderstanding and resentment. That's why they turned out uninteresting. A year later, in the winter I 2015go with the help of the project "START" and Vani Isayev made more succinct and probably more accurate statement as exhibit "Listed" about the events that happen between Russia and Ukraine. Although, of course, the entire volume of my experiences not fit in a pair of gypsum boards. Through this experience, I realized that I need to learn how to get rid of unwanted emotions, to think more and be clearer, then, if I want to say something that is important to me, I understand. From Paris I brought back a large and valuable baggage. There is a mess and a lot fragile. I still do, sort and throw away all useless. Now, thinking about a new project, I also need to be clear and understandable. The Paris experience is very important to me and I try to make sure that he has not squandered.