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invites to the «START»

Internet art and post-Internet art. Discussion at the exhibition of Vladimir Omotowa "Content"

the exhibition of Vladimir Omotowa “Content”, which ended in late January,   at the site of the Project START there was discussion on art in the digital age, new visuality and methods of the artist's work with virtual reality.

Vladimir Whirlpool works with the aesthetics of post-Internet art, combining the transfer of digital forms into the physical and creating a three-dimensional web icons using traditional techniques and digital textures. The first personal exhibition of the artist in Moscow — the study of the nature of the visual images in the border States between virtual reality and the material world. Installation and objects presented at the exhibition, made of different materials: iron, wood, fabric, wire.

the discussion was attended by young artists, the curator of the Project start of the season 2015/2016  Kirill Preobrazhensky, artist, curator and musician Alexei Shulgin, an artist, laureate of the Kandinsky prize, Dmitry Venkov and others.

during the exhibition, Elena Martynenko “beauty shop" is also planned discussion. Stay tuned on our website and social media!