WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

12.09.2017 — 15.10.2017

The pleat on the curtain

Project author:

Egor Fedorichev

START's artist

First solo exhibition of artist Egor Fedorichev “Fold in the curtain” opens at the site of young art START, SRC WINERY September 12. The installation, made from found in landfills banners, building packages, industrial fabrics and art canvasses, I will divide the area into two spaces. What's on the other side of the curtain? This question asks the artist himself and the viewer.

Egor Fedorichev experimenting with different surfaces, are intuitively combining with a canvas for painting industrial ready-mades. The artist uses materials found at construction landfills, to create important statements: it represents the cultural layers, including the space of the painting surface. Banners from the old shows and concerts become fragments “archaeological painting" of the wrapper with the names of construction firms and industrial pieces of fabric reminiscent of the cultural, social and political agenda of the past.

Artist Start Egor Fedorichev: “In this work it is important to say that the basic idea works of art — is a kind of mystical inaccessibility, which is covered with visuality. It can be advertising banners, skins, building packets or the painter's canvas. By their nature, they are nothing to each other do not differ — all this different kind of surface. They carry a variety of meanings that intertwine and lose their value”.

the Artist builds up a system of oppositions, visually separating the “worlds” with the scenic curtain. As element accentuates the border, the artist uses the crease on the fabric. In space, separated by a canvas, he puts the twinkling lights. They become the symbol for “a different reality”, hidden from the view of the theatre curtain of everyday life. The author tells the viewer in the artistic statement always remains something outside of the visual field, something on the verge of the possibilities of understanding the human mind.

For Egor Fedorichev exhibition at the site of the START — first solo exhibition, open to a wider audience.  participation in the project will give him the opportunity to implement their ideas and develop them in the future. 

Creating a beautiful curtain, deprived of the traditional “support” in the form of a frame, Egor turns to the eternal philosophical question: what's behind the curtain? He

hides something that can't see the audience: the true state of things, the balance of political forces. Thus, the author turns to the problems of «conspiracy theories" and postpreda, updated the present media to the limit. The pleat on the curtain – the double complex concepts of subjectivation of reality, the ripples on the ‘iron curtain” of our consciousness, hiding the truth, which we may have  never know. Fedorichev very subtly hints at the space on the other side of the curtain, including the exposition of mysterious flickering lights behind the fabric of the canvas. These lights symbolize the processes that we can not comprehend, the very “a different reality”, hidden from our view theatrical curtain of everyday life