WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

Проекты в Арт-ленте

Nine women

Kseniya Sorokina

performance, video art



Выставки на Старте

Other projects


Group exhibition: Open stage, Moscow Apartment exhibition «Fresco»;


“the Sanatorium of the Arts", state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow; the "private Capital",


"Rare Species"; II Moscow international Biennale for young art "Wait! Who goes there?";


"New Formalism" in the Museum of urban sculpture, St. Petersburg;


“Neighborhood”, the gallery on Solyanka;


“Unbearable Freedom of Creativity", VDNKH, Moscow;


“Live Museum of Performance", Voronezh;




“Cloud Harp", LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, Moscow;


“Genius Loci", Ravenscourt Gallery, Moscow; Apartment exhibitions “Art to home",


“Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood" at ARTRAUM space at Tverskaya street, Moscow;


“Save As", Appendix space, Moscow.