WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

16.04.2019 — 19.05.2019

Just to the left of the center, in the Golden Ratio

Project author:

Daria Makarova

START's artist

A new exhibition of the START project Just to the left of the center, in the Golden Ratio will open on 16 April, where the artist Daria Makarova advert to the phenomenon of sleepstream and the sale of sleep. Curator of the exhibition is Olga Deryugina.

In the new exhibition, a dream as an essential part of human life is viewed in terms of market logic. Its effectiveness, circadian rhythms, light hygiene, breathing, anxiety, jet lags, control of the body condition are not all that is tied to the natural physiological state. In her project Daria Makarova reflects on the topic of sleep – she focuses on how in market logic the dream becomes the subject of buying and selling.

The exhibition consists of two parts: the objects, presented in the first part, are arranged as in a trading floor – the artist finds a reason for poetic doubt in the merchandising.


“In the first part of the exhibition, the showcase comes to the fore. Dream as an object of representation is slipping away, leaving only traces as poetic lines or details that fall out of an exemplary stand’s conventions”.

In the second part of the exhibition Daria turns to the phenomenon of sleepstream – streams, which broadcast the dream of bloggers. Subscribers can interact with the sleeper, for example, wake him up for donation, and thus, such broadcasting of blogger’s sleep can be monetized. “Here, suddenly, a dream from a “product”, related to the tags #health, #relaxation, #calm, etc. becomes another kind of spectacle and active entertainment”.