WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

11.07.2017 — 13.08.2017

Nothing new

Project author:

Eugene Sahatskiy

START's artist

11 July site START opened the first personal exhibition of Moscow artist Evgeniy Sakhatskiy “Nothing new”. The characters in his works — representatives of informal communities and subcultures, the residents of the suburbs. The artist draws the yards of residential districts, garbage cans, scribbled walls, finding casual savagery of a particular aesthetic. The exhibition presents paintings, drawings and objects.

Exhibition “Nothing new” — a return to the style of the GOP-art. This art uses as a material marginal subculture and combines seem incongruous at first sight the concept of “bully” and “art”. The term “Ho-art” appeared in the beginning 2000-ies in St. Petersburg as an expression of the traditional conflict between Moscow intellectual conceptualism, and brutal street art. Representatives of this direction have managed quite successfully to articulate the language of ‘guys from the suburbs" in reality, post-modernism, giving your work simple and understandable narrative. “What you see, draw” — this formula Ho-art uses in his project, Eugene sochacki.

the author of the exhibition considers visually interesting that most seem repulsive. The aesthetics of the ugly, and wild — the essence of his artistic language.&the Space created by the author, remind the viewer “backyard of the sleeping area”. In addition to paintings there will be an installation of painted garbage cans, each of which has its own history, its contents.

Artist Eugene sochacki: “In my works I want to show the absurdity and humor of life, its surrealism. I find romantic beauty where it does not want to see the other.  For example, the trash cans throughout the city have different shape and color, beaten up and frayed. They are — are themselves art objects”.

Exhibition at the site of young art START will be the first solo project of the artist Eugene Shackogo. At WINZAVOD CCA, he will start searching for their own artistic language and get experience with the curator.

About the artist

Evgeniy Sakhatskiy (1991) — graduated from the Moscow state University of design and technology lives and works in Moscow.

Evgeniy Sakhatskiy portraits “children of our time», representatives of informal communities and different musical subcultures, or the yard, but he does not consider these people outcasts: the eye of the artist opens everyday aspects of their lives, clinging to details. T-shirt with the name of a famous designer street fashion or human is in the suit of the phone – all these are fragments of everyday life that we often do not notice. The artist's characters, living the most normal life, but at the same time they are outside the narrow-minded environment, consciously marking themselves “other”, rogue. Nothing new – it is, on the one hand, reference has already held the work of artists such as Grigory Yushchenko and Kirill Shamanov, but, on the other hand, the title of the exhibition quite clearly articulates an attempt to figure out if this “new” we need. This critical issue and puts the show in front of the audience and the community