WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

23.12.2015 — 31.01.2016


Project author:

Vladimir Omutov

START's artist

December 23 at 19.00 at the site of young art START opens the exhibition CONTENT young artist Vladimir Omutova Krasnodar. The author works with the aesthetics of post-Internet art, combining the transfer of digital to the physical and the creation of three-dimensional Internet icons using traditional techniques and digital textures. The first personal exhibition of Vladimir Omutova in Moscow — is an artistic exploration of the nature of visual images in the border states between virtual reality and the material world. Installation and objects presented in the exhibition are made of different materials: iron, wood, fabric, wires.

The main idea of ​​the project «content» — fixing thin border when returning from an extended network user randomly surfing on various Internet resources in the physical location of their stay. As Peripherals vision helps to develop some idea of ​​the space and the user carries fragments of virtual imagery into the material world. Finding the form, content becomes mechanical fragility, which in turn gives a functional risk of its individual parts. Due to the unstable and difficult to existence in the real world, it requires a point of fixation and support.

Pillow, pierce the iron wire, patterned nailed to the work surface, pixel heart struck by a knife — all these desperate attempts to keep the wave of virtual images into physical parameters. Familiar everyday way of things broken and transformed into augmented reality. Author-character wanders in an unstable material world, an endless stream of information consisting of citations in search queries.

Vladimir maelstrom (1992), a fifth-year student of art-graphic faculty of the Kuban State University. He took part in the projects of Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art and the exhibition «The heat, even warmer» (2014, Rostov-on-Don, Makaronka).

Kirill Preobrazhensky

Curator of the project from November 2015 to present