WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

08.11.2012 — 09.12.2012


Project author:

Igor Samolyot

START's artist

Subordination dialect in Igor Samolet’s photographs is considered to be that seed, from which grows its visual series. Artist is trying to balance on a shallow ground of rules and limits. The author strives for naturalism through filming a report on manifestations of rigid forms of communication, finding them both in human relationships, and in surrounding reality. Desire of ruling or slavery is manifested in all of us in different states. Just as a steam, it can be dispersed into an air and is completely imperceptible to an eye sight. However, in artist’s works the status of this substance is put in strictly defined conditions and assigned to a certain role.

The author depicts relationships, based on a power exchange.Affects interesting roles in the «domination/submission» game, in which characters enjoy taboo violations.

«My heroes are young people working and living in Moscow. This may be our neighbors and co-workers, friends. I was always interested in how far a person can go, when there are no limits. How a person changes, though the process of getting a power and grip. Why each of us has a secret endeavor for perfection».

Severity of narration, unfolding on the photographs, may lead us astray. Perhaps the only way out of this binarity may be a position of passive inaction.

The dialectics of subjection in the photos of Igor Samolet is the seed from which grows his visual range. The tries to pass on thin ice standards. Removing a report on manifestations of the harsher forms of communication, finding them both in relations and in reality, the author seeks to acute naturalism. The desire of domination or slavery in each of us is expressed in different states. Like a couple it could be dispersed in the air and in the elusive sight. However, the status of this substance in photographs of the artist is delivered in well-defined conditions and roles are distributed are well distributed here.